an advanced studio practice exhibition

CRAIG ANTHONY SCHNEIDER Coordinating Instructor Advanced Studio Practice -
The Advanced Studio Practice Program aspires to help with the transition from student to emerging professional. The energy that propels this forward comes completely from the student participants. By their own definition of their goals and vision, they move forward.
Our role in this - myself as Program Head, all of the Studio Faculty and College Support Staff, as well as the outside mentors – is to guide, support, encourage, share our understanding of the ‘lay of the land,’ and to challenge. The work that we do is in holding the mirror of their vision and goals in front of them and asking, “what are you doing now?”
This transition from student to emerging professional is fraught with challenges, new discoveries, growth, accomplishments and setbacks. One of the main goals within the program is to help individuals see the different ways they are getting in their own way, basically, how they are sabotaging their own chances of success. As this year in particular shows, if you are not getting in your own way, well then life certainly will. The 2018 flood shut down the studios these students were using to build their independent body of work. They had to move out and grab onto alternative opportunities to continue creating.
All of these individuals are talented people, each with significant skill in their chosen studio. They have valuable knowledge that is transferable to other fields of activity and work. The outcome is entirely up to them. The entire year has been entirely up to them. Their success is completely and fully their success. Digging down deep and pushing through, this is what they have accomplished. This is the Momentum they have started. This is what will carry them forward.

Artists in this Exhibit