Calli-Chez Nous-Home

Calli, Chez-nous, Home is a collaborative project between visual artist Fabiola Martinez and porcelain painter Isabelle Lafargue. The exhibition is a multi-dimensional and interactive body of work that explores the meaning of home for immigrants living in Canada.

Fabiola Martinez’s work employs multi-cultural influences - combining a cochineal dye (Dactylopius coccus), a pigment produced by a female insect that is found on cacti in South America, along with a porcupine quill technique learned from the Mi'kmaq artist Tara Francis to explore and understand her past and current cultures. Using a technique learned in Limoges France, Isabelle Lafargue uses porcelain and painted architecture elements to share stories and memories and hopes for the future in Canada, her new home.

As part of this exhibition, a “Friendship Table’ will be an interactive installation of a family dining experience, a familiar and natural place of sharing, where families and friends get to know one another best, brought together by food. Visitors will be encouraged to add their favourite dish recipe or a memory of getting to know new immigrant friends, writing their experiences on a small piece of paper with a circle shape to remind us that we are all connected.