Dawn Merritt


Dawn Merritt was born and raised in Tay Creek, NB. She is inspired by nature and the comforts of home. In 2016, she began her current journey as a mature student at NBCCD, graduating from the Foundation in Visual Arts program, the Textiles Diploma program and finishing with the Advanced Studio Practices program in 2020. Dawn plans to continue to create interesting handwoven products and to continue to grow as an artist.


I love soft textures, vibrant colours and the beauty of nature. My current love is working with soft fibres and rich beautiful colours. I believe in the comforts of home, the ‘peace of mind’ created with having your own space filled with warmth and coziness and always being open to learning new things. I am a professional weaver, having graduated from the Textile Diploma program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

Dawn Merrit, 2020

To view more about Dawn and her work, please check out Dawn Merritt Designs.