Guest Artist - Karen LeBlanc


Karen LeBlanc is a fiber artist and weaver who focuses on two distinct streams: 1. Traditional, functional and practical, which are woven on a four or eight-harness loom; and 2. Innovative, contemporary tapestry pieces. Karen recently participated as one of the NB representatives in the Collect 2020 Educational Mission with Craft Alliance in London, UK in February 2020. Karen has exhibited internationally, nationally, regionally and locally and participated in residencies in Fredericton and Toronto. Her pieces have been exhibited in Fort Collins CO, Reno NV, Milwaukee WI, Muskegon MI, New York NY, Toronto ON, Halifax NS, and many other galleries. Karen is a member of the several professional organizations: American TapestryAlliance, Complex Weavers, Handweavers Guild of America, CraftNB, Guild of Canadian Weavers, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, CraftNS, and many more. She is the Past President of the Fibre Arts Network and is the Treasurer of the NB Crafts Foundation.


My passion is weaving colors, textures, yarns and fibres together! I love focusing on themes; after photographing images of old weathered boats and houses, I created an “ageing and weathering” series of Jacquard pieces that were included in several exhibitions. I also create many wearable art forms that have been featured in international fashion shows and exhibitions. I enjoy playing with new methods of fibre creation, patterns and three-dimensional forms. I enjoy taking time to focus on my craft and to work on techniques that allow me to revolutionize my practice. Over the years, my weaving has evolved from basic weave structures to traditional weave structures such as beautiful overshot coverlets to tapestries to exploring weave structures and patterns on a Jacquard loom. At this point in my career, I am focusing on tapestry weaving, a very traditional form of weft-faced weaving that will be woven by hand on

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