Laura Lamey


Laura Lamey lives and works in the coastal community of Grand Barachois, NB. Her background includes studies in French literature and philosophy at St. F. X University, visual arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and education at the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta.

Nurturing a need for understanding and a fondness for ideas, Lamey’s work includes a thought process that is made visible. Drawing and painting are actions through which thinking and idea generation come to life and the works themselves become the documentation.

Lamey has been teaching high school in Riverview, NB since 1996 mostly in the subjects of Visual Art, Design, and Media.A renewed commitment to her art practice comes after a one year educational leave, completing the Advanced Studio Practice program at NBCCD in Fredericton.


Recently I have focused on abstractions, exploring compositions with ambiguous forms. I have been engaged in drawing as a way of thinking through mark-making; the drawings become a physical record of this inner dialogue.Some of the shapes that have surfaced in my work are reminiscent of landscape imagery. This has led me to connect them to natural phenomena,echoing the ways in which the trajectory of my life requires that I continually adjust, respond, and repurpose.

Currently, I am finding the metaphors in shoreline erosion and resistance fitting inspiration. Along the coast, relevant themes are abound: fluctuation, formation, disruption, decay, renewal. My work is evolving in a way that still embraces abstraction, but is becoming more simplified, and as a result more settled.

The theme of ambiguity persists in recent paintings, as shapes and forms fight the call to be defined. Our ability to embrace the ambiguous allows us to be open to things that are new or that we may not understand, including people, values, and circumstances.

Laura Lamey, 2018