Julie Ann Hughes


Bom in 1991, Julie Ann Hughes is an emerging jewellery artist from scenic Prince Edward Island. Julie was first introduced to working with metal in 2010, when she briefly studied plumbing at Holland College. With a basic foundation in manipulating metal and a strong interest in design, Julie enrolled in the Jewellery & Metal Arts program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Julie has participated in numerous group exhibitions and was the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards including Gallery 78's award for Best in Show at the 2015 Student Metalsmith Competition shortly before graduating from NBCCD.

Since graduating, Julie has worked for multiple established craft businesses in PEI while slowly designing and building pieces of her own. Julie is now the sole proprietor of Julie Hughes Jewellery a contemporary jewellery business based just outside of Charlottetown, PE. Surrounded by an endless supply of inspiration from Charlottetown's elegant heritage buildings to the flowers in her garden, Julie strives to create strong, yet beautiful art pieces visually pleasing from all perspectives. Julie uses traditional methods of making her jewellery including hand fabrication and the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The architectural and sometimes futuristic feel of Julie's work comes from blending these traditional techniques with clean, modern designs.


My work explores the relationships between strength and beauty, man made and the natural world, masculine and feminine. Using strong, architectural lines blended with motifs from nature, I strive to create jewellery that is both bold yet elegant. Beginning in the early design stages, I pay careful attention to every surface of my jewellery spending time ensuring each piece is created to be visually interesting and appealing from every angle. Jewellery that can stand alone in a gallery or home as an object of art as well as a compliment to the human form.

Julie Ann Hughes, 2017