Kel Hines


Kel Hines is a metalsmith living in Fredericton, New Brunswick.She has just completed her Diploma in Jewellery/Metal Arts at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, and will be continuing her studies at NBCCD in the Advanced Studio Practice program in 2018-2019.Recently, she won “Best Collection” at the Sterling: Annual Jewellery/Metal Arts Exhibition, and the “Antithesis Award” from NBCCD.Hines' work is sleek, elegant and edgy, and prominently features contrasting colours, textures and finishes.


My work embodies the shifting beauty of thunderstorms: dark and delicate forms against flashing sharp edges. My Negative Space Collection expresses the juxtaposition of softness and sharpness, and of light and shadow. I’ve created pillowed forms, which are contrasted by the geometric shapes cut into them. Oxidized black backgrounds create depth within the matte or polished surfaces.
My inspiration comes from contrast: in the marriage of seemingly oppositional forces as they merge to create seamless unity. I have always been fascinated by duality and how opposites connect, like how the darkness of the sky is made magical by pinpricks of starlight. I am greatly interested in planets and galaxies, and often take inspiration from stars, satellites and orbital patterns.

Kel Hines, 2018