Danielle Hogan

Enjoy the video below of Danielle speaking about her Banff Series:


Danielle Hogan is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and practice-informed researcher with a Ph.D. from the University of New Brunswick. She lives in Fredericton, Canada, which sits on traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqey and Mi’kmaq peoples. Since the spring of 2018, she has been managing the Government of New Brunswick’s provincial art collection, collectionArtNB.

Founder of the intersectional feminist gallery called Gynocratic Art Gallery (2015), all of Danielle’s work is deeply inspired by networks of care, among and across communities of women, “women’s work”.

Danielle’s research embraces craftivism, DIY, women & gender studies broadly, in addition to other social justice issues. Her doctoral dissertation investigates the negative effects of femaffect on textiles in art. In 2016, she coined the term Femaffect – the word specifically addressing an affect which is feminized, either intentionally or unintentionally. In her research, she studies the effects of femaffect on women, and other members of LGBTG2+ communities, as it relates to their use of textiles in visual art. Danielle is currently writing a book on the weaver Nel Oudemans, due out in late 2020.

ARTIST STATEMENT - Accommodate (series)

Too this, not enough that – accommodate. Accommodate. Accommodate.

These textile-based works are defiant; they push off the wall and into the viewer’s space. They claim space, refusing to be nailed down or put in any box [frame].

Danielle Hogan uses a wide range of textiles-based materials in her work to challenge and explore issues relevant to feminism, affect (feelings that stick to/with us) and labour.

ARTIST STATEMENT - BANFF (watercolour series)

I rarely go on a trip past the city limits without a book and a watercolour pad. I have a folding paint case that I keep loaded with all of my favourite colours too.

Before any big trips, I always order at least two new pads in anticipation of new sights - that’s when I always begging to get truly excited - after the new watercolour pads arrive. My favourite size book is approx 5 x 7 (which you can see is similar to the size of my Banff paintings) it fits well in a backpack or beach bag while leaving room for all of my other essentials!

Danielle Hogan, CV