Nicole Daigle


Nicole Daigle is a fashion and costume designer from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Daigle attended St. Thomas University where she completed a B.A. in English Literature and History in 2013. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, Daigle enrolled in the Fashion Design program at NBCCD, graduating in 2017. She is influenced by her background in literature and history, and recently has focused specifically on creating original historical costumes inspired by the 19th century. Next year, she will be enrolled in UNB’s B.Ed. program.


When looking for inspiration, I’ve always been drawn to historical architecture, costume, and culture. My recent work has been an exploration of the differing silhouettes of the Victorian era, and inspired by the language of flowers. In the 19th century, flowers were used as a method of communication; conversations could be had by sending bouquets, single flowers, or even leaves back and forth between two parties. These gowns are named after the meaning for the Austrian rose, “thou art all that is lovely”, and the moss rose, “confessions of love”.

Nicole Daigle, 2018