Brian MacKinnon


Brian James MacKinnon was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island in 1953.

He has been painting seriously since 1977, using jigsaws and rotors to make large, brightly coloured three dimensional relief artworks out of gatorfoam and medium- density fibreboard panels.

MacKinnon "draws" with the saw or rotor directly on or through the gatorfoam or wood, then "fills" the painting with oils, acrylics, enamels and even nail polish. Initially he worked on wooden panels but switched to gatorboard because of it's combination of light weight with strength.

Inspired by pop art and children's art, he employs bold colour and deceptively simple designs to make wry commentaries on contemporary life.

Text is often an integral part of his paintings. Letters and words are cut directly into the piece adding to the narrative dimension and the visual impact.

The artist resides in Fredericton.