Anna Cameron


Anna Cameron moved to Fredericton in 2001 after living in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Having obtained a science degree from the University of Toronto, she decided to pursue a new course in Vancouver and fulfill her long-time desire to study art formally. At the Emily Carr Institute of art and Design, she immersed herself in her art school experience, exploring photography, ceramics, sculpture and drawing before declaring a concentration in painting and lithography. She graduated in 1997.

In her work, Anna explores both the representational and abstraction and finds a balance in her landscape paintings. She has always been fascinated by the changing earth - the shifting of plates, erosion, fossils and other geological events - and in the marks, scars, souvenirs left behind. These marks and lines reveal a story of time past, but also of time present. Through colour, brushstroke, layering and mark making, Anna builds her landscapes to create mood, rhythm and depth, and in doing so, creates her story. Her painted sparrows are the observers who quietly witness the changes taking place from their higher vantage point.

Anna Cameron studied painting at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, graduating in 1997.

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